wtorek, 18 lipca 2017

Battle #2 BOOK vs. MOVIE - Everything everything

Everything everything is a book written by Nicola Yoon in 2015 and published in Poland in 2016. In 2017 Stella Meghie decided to make a film based on this novel.

Everything everything is story of Madeline, who is allergic to almost the whole world. She lives in closed, sterile clean house with her mom and has daily visits from Carla, the nurse and her best friend. One day Maddy sees HIM. His name is Ollie and he is an unusual, misterious boy, wearing black clothes and who lives in the neighbourhood. They start to write emails and make calls to each other. But what will happen if Ollie becomes part of Madeline's safe, white world? Will they be able to risk everything?

I have been waiting for this film since I first heard about the adaptation. This book by Nicola Yoon is definitely amazing and touching. At first I wasn't sure if actors were well chosen. Personally, I would search for someone new, not popular young stars. However, Nick Robinson (known from Jurrassic World and The Fifth Wave) as Ollie is the same as I imagined him. Generally I prefer his look when he had short hair, but in this film, with longer hair, he looks wild, mysterious and he's opposite of what Maddie knows. We see him as Maddy did - ideal but hurt, loving but mysterious. In the beggining the biggest problem for me was Amandla Stenberg (known from The Hunger Games - she was little Rue). In my eyes she wasn't Maddy and I felt sometimes she acted a bit unconvincingly, especially when she went outside. However, Nick and Amandla, as Ollie and Maddy, have good chemistry althought other characters aren't noticeable at times. At the same time Maddy and Ollie live in their own world and other people don't exist.

Of course, some things were changed in film, producers can't avoid it. However I need to say that the movie is beautiful, as is the book. The best thing in the film is the camera work. Nothing more, nothing less, we see everything we should. Also the music is well fitted and the whole movie is as it should be. It sometimes reminds me of a fairytale that the viewer/reader doesn't want to finish. We don't want to hear "Happily ever after", we want to keep watching the movie as the story of main characters is so fascinating that you never want it to come to an end. You will cry, you will laugh and you will fall in LOVE and totally ship Maddy and Ollie's relationship.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is...

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