poniedziałek, 27 lutego 2017

Recenzja #84 - Mój nocny gość - Chłopak, który zakradał się do mnie przez okno - Kirsty Moseley

Pewnego wieczoru, kiedy miałem dziesięć lat, zobaczyłem, że Amber płacze. Zakradłem się do niej, żeby ją uspokoić i skończyło się na tym, że obom siebie zasnęliśmy. Powtórzyło się to następnej nocy i kolejnej. Ona płakała a ja przychodziłem do niej przez okno. W końcu przerodziło się to w rutynę...

piątek, 17 lutego 2017

Battle #1 BOOK vs. MOVIE - The Book Thief

The Book Thief is a novel written by Markus Zusak in 2005. It's unique and unpredictable. It's about love, friendship and war. And, of course, books. In 2013 Brian Percival directed adaptation of this novel. Today I'm going to compare this book and film.

The Book Thief is touching story of little girl, Liesel Meminger, who goes to Molching to her new family - Rosa and Hans Hubermann. Her life is difficult, she lived through tragical events - including her brother's death. Now she has to keep on living in new city, in new family. But Liesel has also her secret. On her brother's funeral she stole her first book. Since this event, stealing books will be her guilty pleasure. Books and friendship will be her hopes during World War II.

I wrote in a book review that my favourite character was Max. After watching the film, I like him more. The actor, Ben Schnetzer, acted really convincingly. Also Sophie Nelisse, who played Liesel, was great. She looks so innocently, like little girl in the middle of brutal war. During watching the film, I thought that all actors were created for their roles.
I was a bit disappointed with the narrator - it was simply a man's voice and I thought that The Death will be shown in some way. 

Lots of things were changed in the film. There weren't as many stolen books as in the novel. Some scenes were added or deleted, but it made logical totality. One of the most touching scenes - when Liesel found Max in a Jew procession - was deleted and that made me a bit annoyed. Hans Hubermann's and Liesel's hatred to Hitler was shown differently, but their courage was still the same. 
In my opinion, this adaptation is really good and it's simply worth seeing. It doesn't matter if you read the book - the book thief's story is always beautiful and I'm sure that I will watch and read it many times more.

I think that this book wouldn't be the same without the film. All characters have actors' faces and we remember every detail. But for now...

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is...

Szablon stworzony przez Blokotka. Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone.