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Battle #3 BOOK vs. MOVIE -13 reasons why

Jay Asher wrote a book called 13 reasons why, which caused shock and controversies among young people and their parents. In 2017, Brian Yorkey created a series that was based on the book. The second season of it has been already released this year, however only the first one has something in common with book. Let's compare these two pieces!

It's a story of a boy named Clay, who finds a mysterious box in front of his house. It turns out that the box contains 7 tapes. They show 13 reasons why Hannah, Clay's secret crush, decided to commit a suicide. One side of the tape is dedicated to each person person (reason) and reciving the box means that Clay is one of the reasons. The boy is shocked because he would have never thought that he might have taken part in Hannah's death...
The series is definitely different from the book and it is very visible for a person who had read the book before watching. Almost everything is changed - time, order of reasons and method of Hannah's suicide. In the book, Clay is the narrator and he walks around the city to visit places that Hannah is talking about. It takes him (probably) one night and he tells us only thing that he sees, hears and remembers. However, in series (that contains 13 episodes - one episode for one side of tape) one episode's duration is even few days! There are much more plot twists and the plot itself is much more complicated and mysterious. Other characters plan something, try to do everything so that other people won't get to know about their participation in Hannah's depression and suicide.

Actors are young, not very well-known people so that we can see something fresh and new in them. Their emotions are so realistic and after all of it, the personages will always have their faces for me. Their personalities are well created so that they are someone more than just fictional characters. I loved Tony's way of being, his influence on the story is a lot further than it was in the book. Moreover, Christian Navarro, who starred as Tony is so handsome! I also enjoyed Ross Butler's acting as Zach, but generally everyone did an amazing job - thanks to Dylan Minnette I started to like (or tolerate) Clay.
The series shows a believable image of an american high school and life there. It shows that living is not easy and sometimes we should think twice before we do something, because it might hurt someone. Some scenes are brutal, but dramatically real so that you will feel all possible emotions of the world!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner is...

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