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Review #169, #170, #171 - Manga is also a book - Sherlock - Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Jay.

Plot description

An injured soldier, doctor John Watson, comes back to London from war in Afghanistan. He thinks about finding a flatmate, but it won't be easy in his opinion. Fortunately, his friend introduces him to a very strange guy, called Sherlock Holmes. He has an unbelievable deduction ability. With just one glance at a person he can get to know about their past and life experience. John is a bit astonished, but he agrees to live with Holmes in a flat at 221B Baker Street. Soon it turns out that Sherlock is a consulting detective, the only one like that in the world. John's peculiar flatmate gets him into a new case. Will they find common ground?


I bought these three mangas when I was in Japan last year. I managed to buy a bilingual edition: English-Japanese, so it's a really nice souvenir from this country. The manga is based on a TV series Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. One episode became one manga book and only the first season has been adapted till now. 
I absolutely love the way Sherlock was drawn! He is really similar to the actor and I enjoyed his sarcastic bids a lot. I loved this character in the series and now I like him even more. John doesn't look as well as Martin Freeman, but I understand that it's difficult to draw a living person as a manga character. It is clearly visible that the TV show had been made before. We can see here a lot of drawn shots from the series and the dialogues are just copied. However, it doesn't make the manga worse, it's a very interesting addition to the show, a must-have for all of fans.. Some people might not like the fact that it is exactly the same, but for me it was fully appropriate. Maybe because I don't usually read manga itself, but I love Sherlock so much that I had to buy it.
The authors focused on different things in each chapter of manga. For example, in A Study in Pink the first chapter is almost only about characters. We have an opportunity to meet them and the order of events is a bit different than in the series. I cannot avoid talking about Sherlock's deduction. He explains his way of thinking to others and to the reader at the same time. Moreover, the whole process taking place in his mind is shown – that is things he is focusing on and pieces of information that are useful for him. It's a really good point for someone who has always wanted to be like Sherlock Holmes. 
As I know, editions in other countries might be a bit different from each other - in some there are additional sketches, in others no. In my edition, there's something great for Japanese readers - a little dictionary with explanations of all word games and typical English phrases. I couldn't understand anything but I think it's really nice for people from Japan. Apart from drawings, I also enjoyed the covers. They are white with a Japanese title, but there are also bindings on them. And these ones are drawn is a really careful way, containing a lot of details. I absolutely loved this manga and I'm looking forward to next episodes to be adapted. 
Ines de Castro

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